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Dietary Consultations

Dietary Consultations Fill the Nutritional Gaps in Your Meals


Are you always feeling fatigued, struggle to lose weight even when following a diet, or even experience uncontrolled mood swings? Dietary consultations with Renée Blanchardt, your local Zürich, Switzerland homeopath can aim you in the right direction for success. She will conduct a thorough survey of your current eating habits, and help you identify where you may be experiencing a lack of micro and macro nutrients needed to fuel your body. As a 500-hour registered yoga instructor, she can also support your efforts to improve your lifestyle.


For your first individual consultation, give her a call or send an email. Together, you will learn to identify what physical or emotional blocks are preventing you from achieving a healthy and balanced life and create a nutritional plan to address deficiencies. Schedule your dietary consultation today.

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