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Holistic Treatment

Bring Together Multiple Healing Techniques with Holistic Treatment at Our Clinic


When you are seeking true healing, homeopath and naturopath Renée Blanchardt brings together multiple disciplines to help you find your personal path back to vitality and well-being. Her holistic treatment takes into consideration every aspect of your life to identify the physical, emotional, or mental challenge that is putting your body out of balance. Treatments may include herbal teas, tinctures, homeopathic medicines, yoga, or alterations to your lifestyle. She also focuses on your diet to ensure you are receiving the proper blend of nutrients through food.


A holistic treatment allows you to tap the natural energy of the world around you and in your body to attain a more balanced body chemistry, a sense of inner peace, and improved resistance to illness. Schedule your consultation and start down your path to true health today.

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