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Insomnia and Sleep Pattern Disorders 

Replace Drugs with a Natural Body and Mind Insomnia Treatment Today


Sleep is a crucial part of your daily health regime. When you fight to reach restorative sleep every night, your entire day will suffer from the aftereffects. Renée Blanchardt offers a natural option for insomnia treatment by focusing on your body's requirements and what may be missing in your diet or daily routine. Using holistic and naturopathic medicine she will help you build a routine that supports good sleeping habits while offering the support of herbal teas, homeopathic medication, and spiritual peace. Renee earned a Bachelors and Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences and brings years of knowledge and experience to the table, providing a natural path back to health.


Your insomnia treatment may include discussion and treatment of past traumas and anxiety along with nutritional supplements and dietary guidance. Every client receives a personalized plan that focuses on your particular challenges. Click or call for your consultation today at Zürich Enge. 

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