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Learning Difficulties In Children

Discover the Connection Between Nutrition and Learning Difficulties in Children


Give your child all the support they need to succeed in today's world and include a visit to Renée Blanchardt as part of your research in addressing learning difficulties in children. As a naturopath, homeopath, herbalist, and registered yoga instructor, she brings a whole-body approach to healing physical and mental challenges. Nutrition can be at the root of many illnesses, delayed milestones, stuttering, speech impediment, crawling, walking talking. It is a lack of ability to focus and a lack of emotional control that compound your child's inability to thrive at school. Renee can teach you to create a menu that addresses any nutritional deficiencies while also providing guidance for lifestyle changes that can support your child toward success.


Schedule your first consultation today and see how Renee can help you overcome learning difficulties in children today. It only takes a quick call or email to connect.

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