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Naturopath Doctor

Discover Your Road Back to Wellness with a Naturopath Doctor


Are you seeking an alternative to treating your physical health with a parade of chemicals? Renée Blanchardt is your naturopath doctor open to listening to your ailments and offering a holistic path back to well-being. She brings a whole body approach to the table and utilizes homeopathic medicines, herbal treatments, and lifestyle support to find the right balance to restore energy and health. Focused on nutritional support, you will learn which foods are missing in your diet and how eating right enables your body to provide pain relief, hormonal balance, and even a better night's sleep.


With a Bachelor and Advanced Diploma in Health Science, as your naturopath doctor, Renée is available to help you discover the right blend of foods, positive activities, and medicines that can return vibrancy and a positive outlook to your life.

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