Ingredients: Green tea, (Camellia sinesis), White tea, (Bai mu dan).


Antioxidant rich and soothing to the nervoius system and digestion.


Green Tea is a fat transporter which lowers cholesterol and targest pesky abdominal adipose tissue. it mobalizes fat stored around your tummy to be metabolized.


The active ingredient Theanine, actively calms the nervous system so that you stay alert and foucsed all day without any fluctuations which can be caused by coffee beans. You can then handle stress with grace and ease.


* Contains caffeine.

Organic Sunrise Tea

  • One teaspoon in boiling water for 3 minutes.


    Add tea leaves to water afterwards to avoid buring them and altering the taste.


    Enjoy as your morning ritual to stabalise energy throughout the day.

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