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C L I N I C    O F F E R I N G S

Renée is a paragon in her field - The Times


Naturopathy uses a whole-body approach, combining naturopathic nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, dietary counselling, flower essences and lifestyle improvements which are tailored to the individual and combined in a synergistic approach.


The aim of Naturopathy is to support your needs, treat the underlying causes, and to allow the body to establish its own homeostasis. It combines a centuries old traditional approach with modern scientific research, to promote health maintenance or its restoration with lasting positive change.

Naturopathy can help to support individuals with digestive concerns, hormone imbalances, dietary intolerances, preconception and fertility and individuals in periods of high stress.

Naturopathic nutrition is a holistic approach to health and wellness, using food as medicine to support health as well as observing individual nutrient adequacy, nutrient deficiency, increased requirements, dietary behaviours, and lifestyle.

Renée’s area of interests include:

  • Stress and anxiety support;

  • Immune support;

  • Female hormones and associated conditions;

  • Pediatric health and nutrition;

  • Digestive health: bloating, nutrient absorption, healthy bowel movements;

  • Food as medicine: employing food to nourish the body and mind.

  • Detoxification; &

  • Weight management and general wellbeing


Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhoea, coeliac disease, allergies including gluten and dairy sensitivity, fructose intolerance, SIBO  


Low energy, tiredness on rising, energy slumps during the day, running on caffeine / sugar, under prolonged stress / adrenal fatigue


Skin ailments including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, chilblains, and warts


Reproductive disorders including menstrual irregularities, infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids and menopause symptoms


Establishing your ideal weight, setting realisitic targets and supporting you to achieve these long term


Nervous problems such as insomnia, exhaustion, poor concentration, depression and anxiety


“Homeopathy is the second largest medicine in the world”. World Health Organization.


Homeopathy treats the “whole person” which means that two people presenting with the same complaint may receive a different medicine based on their individual symptoms and emotional response to the illness.

Homeopathy was developed by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, over 200 years ago and is based on the principle of “like curing like” although the principles go back further to Hippocrates & Paracelsus.


Homeopathy is a complete system of natural evidence based medicine. It offers holistic, individual and integrated treatment with potentized medicines, which aim to trigger the body’s natural system of healing, with lasting results.


A wide range of both acute and chronic illnesses may benefit from homeopathic medicine. Acute illnesses commonly prescribed for include: sports injuries, coughs, colds, and pain, diarrhea, hay fever, infection & travel sickness.


Homeopathy may also be of help in deeper, more chronic diseases, including a wide range of illnesses: autoimmune diseases and on-going chronic complaints for which conventional medicine often has nothing further to offer.


The central principle of homeopathy is ‘like cures like’, or the Law of Similars (Latin: similia similibus curantur). This principle dates back to the Greek physician Hippocrates who lived in the 5th century BC. This law states that any substance, which is capable of producing symptoms in a healthy person, will remove similar symptoms occurring as an expression of disease.


Homeopathy assists the body to heal itself, which brings the patient to a higher level of health.

The homeopathic practitioner endeavors to search for and treat the origin of the disease.

The homeopathic practitioner treats the whole person, believing all symptoms are interrelated, and seeks to select a medicine most closely covering that totality of symptoms.


Discovered by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago, homeopathic medicine is based upon sound scientific principles and the laws of nature. Far from being ideas-based, homeopathy is a completely evidence-based, empirical medicine - a unique concept when it was founded.


Today, extensive clinical experience, observation and research continue to support homeopathy’s effectiveness for a wide range of complaints for men, women, children, infants and the elderly.


After a review of your normal dietary habits we can address what is missing so that you can learn how to use food as medicine and combine meals which nourish you and taste great. Learn how to balance macro and micro nutrients and establish sustainable food patterns in your lifestyle. Learn what is fad, fact or fiction to make a positive impact on your long term health.


Western Herbal Medicine has been used for centuries to support health and wellbeing. Each herbal formula is uniquely formulated for the individual and their current health needs. Herbal medicine in the form of a liquid tincture or organic herbal tea may be prescribed for you during your Naturopathic consultation.


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