With your wellbeing in mind, I have a unique and individualised focus on health; using Naturopathic and whole-food nutritional principles to nourish your body and mind, boost health and support overall life quality.

With a passion for natural medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine and Homeopathy, I tailor these to your needs. At the same time, incorporating food to nourish you and lifestyle influences to restore health and vitality.


Your health, wellbeing and life quality is important to me. My aim is to support individuals and families to exceed their health goals, develop simple and achievable lifestyle changes and establish the healthy lifestyle that you dream of. At the same time, I can provide solutions to every day concerns, which will make a dramatic impact on your life quality.

I incorporate the medicinal benefits of organic loose leaf tea blends. These are potent blends to enhance your wellbeing which reduce the nutrient gap, and increase hydration and antioxidant levels. I believe that introducing small achievable changes will have a greater impact on your health and wellbeing throughout your life. it is more sustainable.


I have experience treating women in pregnancy, labour, and working with children and the elderly.

Swiss private health insurance rebates available.


N A T U R O P A T H    H O M E O P A T H    N U T R I T I O N I S T     H E R B A L I S T

Renée an English-Australian citizen, has a passion for nutrition, herbal medicine and Homeopathy. Renée holds a Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc Homeopathy) and an Advanced Diploma of Health Science (Adv Dip HSc Naturopathy) from Australia. It was her dream to understand the intricate mechanisms of the human condition and to provide individualized natural and holistic solutions for others with lasting results.

Renée's passion for natural medicine started at a young age. From age 8 she suffered from migraines and realised then that medicine given to her would make the pain go away temporarily but not solve the root cause. From age 20 she began her career in natural medicine, and now has 25 years’ experience spanning three continents, Renée is now based in Zürich and loves to provide consultations and make a meaningful impact to peoples lives.

Before arriving in Zürich, Renée was based in India and South East Asia for many years as well as London where she was instrumental in bringing Austria's Viva Maya clinics to London.  She has been fortunate to work in the highest level wellness destinations worldwide, including Chiva Som and Kamalaya to name a few.


After her graduation, Renée started her career in the UK as a Nutrition clinic supervisor and working as a voluteer Homeopath across rural India for many years. Here she gained unique and valuable clinical experience and incredible memories which shaped her to this day. 


Since then, she has been in demand as a clinician internationally and worked with many individuals across many countries. She has a special affinity for stress and anxiety, and working with trauma. She grounds her work in practice with dietary and lifestyle changes to bring out the best in individuals lives.

Renée's work has been featured in The Times, Vogue, Luxurious Magazine, Grazia, The Mail on Sunday, Qatar Airways, European Spa, Professional Spa & Beauty and Australian body+soul.


Renée has led hundreds of individuals on detoxification, weight management, and life transformation retreats. She has also worked with individuals experiencing chronic conditions and adrenal fatigue, thyroid conditions, hormonal problems and gastrointestinal disorders.

 She is also a 500-hour registered Yoga Instructor (Rishikesh, India) trained in Hatha & Ashtanga and has studied under Kino Macgreggor.

When she is not in clinic she can be found at the lake, or at home cooking, or in winter, up the mountain skiing.







Iʼve tried pretty much every Therapy/Treatment going over the past few years, firstly to overcome M.E (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) in 2005 and then a car accident 3 years ago, but Homeopathy is a new approach for me. The immediate effect I felt when I took the remedy was incredible. Like my feet had suddenly hit the floor and were grounded and my head and eyes felt lighter and more open. 


After suffering for 10 years from endometriosis and all the hormone disorders associated with this, I finally found Renée.

She has helped me with my sleep routine and cleared my chronic dermatitis.


An exceptional wellness practitioner, with empathy and integrity, Renee is able to explain everything she does in an easy to understand way, giving you the confidence to move forward. I absolutely trust her judgment and expertise and she has been a tremendous help to a number of my family members, including my aging mother, both when she suffered a stroke as well as helping with the shock and grief when my father died.I would have no hesitation in recommending Renee.


Freigutstrasse 10, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland   

+41 787 44 66 98

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