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10 Reasons to Love Homeopathy

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Homeopathy is the medicine of the 21st century. Here's a few good reasons why: -


individual medicine - is unique & matched to the person, their overall health including all symptoms and overall mental health.


nontoxic - it is inherently safe with no side effects.


integrative - can be used in conjunction with practically any other type of treatment to improve outcomes. Homeopathy works behind other treatments, modalities and medications.


affordable - it is accessible to people of all incomes.


easy to take - they come in small pills or globuli that are placed in the mouth, or directly into a glass of water, then drunk, (a wet dose). No large pills or capsules to take.


green - the manufacturing process produces no byproducts. Most of what little waste there is can be recycled or composted. Medicines consumed leave no chemical trace on our wastewater or environment.


suitable for pregnancy and labour - homeopathy is gentle and has no side effects making it a valuable resource during this stage in life.


safe for newborns, breast feeding mothers and the post part journey - homeopathy is a wonderful resource during this time to ease the process and changes for mum and baby and to provide support to babies without the use of allopathic medicines.


it has little impact on nature's flora or fauna - the medicines are prepared in laboratories using one specimen which can then be disturbed all over the world for hundreds of years. There is no impact on endangered plant or herbs or mineral substances. It leaves a very small footprint or impact to provide whilst providing an enormous value to our health and wellbeing for all living things.


not just for people, babies or the elderly, or our pets - Homeopathic medicine is employed for husbandry and agricultural industries with great effects. Farmers experience better crops, without pests while animal health is improved, infections are reduced, outbreaks are controlled are among many positive outcomes.

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